Peroni Leggera Photograph

Peroni Leggera

“Born of the 1963 Nastro Azzurro beer, Peroni Leggera is an expertly brewed lager using the same unique, quality Italian ingredients. Peroni Leggera, light in colour and body and has a clean, refreshing taste, with an added bitter note to provide a balanced flavour, while its effervescent sparkle acts as a great thirst quencher.”

Stone's Premium Original Ginger Beer Photograph

Stone’s Premium Ginger Beer

“Stone’s Premium Alcoholic Ginger Beer is a fantastic addition to the Stone’s family. Launched in 2001 this brewed product carries on the tradition of fine ginger drinks in the Stone’s range. No beer fridge is complete without it. A refreshing, zingy drink with a definite hit of ginger both on the nose and palate that is moderated by a softening sweetness.”

Tiger Beer Photograph

Tiger Beer

“A bold lager, born and brewed in the heart of Asia through our tropical lagering process.

Today, Tiger’s uniquely refreshing and full-bodied flavour is enjoyed in more than 70 countries. Our passion for beer has won us fans all over the world, including over 40 brewing quality awards since 1932.”