Beez Neez Beer

Beez Neez Beer Photograph

“We brew Beez Neez with a blend of premium pale malted barley and malted wheats, then add Pride of Ringwood hops and pure light amber honey to the kettle to produce a beer that tastes like no other. This light golden coloured beer has a malty, honeyed palate but is decidedly dry, as the honey sugars have been fermented to alcohol.”

Hoegaarden Wheat Beer

Hoegaarden Wheat Beer Photograph

“500 years of hard work went into making this beer that features the aroma of orange peel, coriander and herbs that the merry monks imported from sunny Curacao. Speaking of which: pouring Hoegaarden is just like letting the sun fall into your glass: light yellow and naturally murky. And the soft foam adds a cloudy finish. And then there’s the soft taste, light and slightly sweet and sour and with subtle citrus notes… ah, just go ahead and taste it instead of reading about it!”